The Mind Readers
Lori Brighton
“YA Paranormal Romance”

This was an interesting combination of excellent plot and distracting missteps. I’d say this book has amazing potential, but felt rushed to print.

With self-pubs, one of the major themes that comes up in review after review is editing problems (not all self-pubs, of course, and I’m a huge fan of the “genre” as a whole). In this case, the editing problems weren’t grammatical. They went deeper than that. The two major problems were consistency and over-telling (as opposed to showing).

Consistency-wise, they weren’t plot problems so much as characterization problems, but they were nevertheless distracting–the MC has only been in this town for two years, but her description of her best frenemy suggests she’s been around longer. I know that sounds small, and in some ways it is, but it really hurts the character/world building of an otherwise fantastic story.

The over-telling problem is similar–instead of people consistently being sneaky or parental or kind, we get a lot of narration that says they are these things. And, again, the lack of consistency shows up here–is Aaron hot, or is he a father figure? Is he loving, or standoffish? I think the point is that he’s actually an inconsistent person, but that isn’t what came through. It just seemed like he didn’t have a defined personality, and since his personality is a major part of the plot, that was a problem.

The only reason I harp on these problems is that they really make the story seem like it’s in rough draft form, which is a shame because the story kicks ass. I LOVE that it hinges on questions about truth, loyalty, and trust–and that these questions are genuinely difficult to answer, for the MC and for the reader. Overall, despite its issues, I recommend it–but, unlike some crossover YA, I recommend this for younger YA readers.

My only other quibble is with the cover. I wouldn’t call this a paranormal romance. It’s not really either. Also, the cover picture, while fun, has less than nothing to do with the book, which takes place in Maine…

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